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SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign

SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign Factory Noise Warning

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SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
In stock
Five Industrial Noise Warning Signs (SE2IND) and one Noise Meter
In stock

Ten Industrial Noise Warning Signs (SE2IND) and one Noise Meter
In stock
Wall and corner mount for SoundEar
In stock

Microphone and 2m Extension
In stock

5m (16ft) Microphone Extension Cable (needs SEEXT)

DC power extension cable 10m (32ft) for 24V power supply
In stock

Power Supply for SoundEar II
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SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
In stock


  • Attractive design for use in public areas
  • Green = Monitoring : Yellow = Getting loud : Red = Too loud
  • Warning level adjustable from 40 to 115 dB(A)
  • Extra Large version available
  • Outdoor version available


  • Factories and other industrial areas
  • Plant with noise levels that vary throughout the day
  • Areas with intermittent noise
  • Hospitals, schools and offices - see SoundEar II Noise Sign


The Industrial version of the popular SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign is a wall mounted sound level monitor that clearly indicates when staff should reduce the noise levels or fit hearing protection.

Unlike many noise monitoring products the SoundEar has been specifically designed to look good. This is clearly important when the unit is to be mounted in a public place.

In areas where the noise levels are not always a problem, the SoundEar II Industrial lets you know when it is time to take action. Even in moderately high sound levels a person's hearing changes through the day, making it even more difficult to make a judgment by ear.

Setting the Noise Limit

The noise at work regulations set the level at which hearing protection is required. A full noise survey should be carried out to assess each worker's exposure. In areas where the sound levels are not always high, it is reasonable to remove hearing protection much of the time. A SoundEar mounted in a suitable position and set to trigger at the correct level gives a clear indication to workers nearby. For more information please visit the Installation page.

Industrial and Factory Noise

The Industrial version of the SoundEar II was designed for use in factories and other industrial environments where a warning of high noise levels is needed.

Varying Sound Levels

When sound levels are often below the action levels (no hearing protection required) and sometimes above, it is unreasonable to expect people to wear hearing protection all the time. However, it can be very difficult to judge when the levels are high enough to require protection. The SoundEar takes away the human perception of noise, giving a clear indication that it is time to reduce the noise levels or fit hearing protection.

Intermittent Machinery Noise

If machinery is only running intermittently then workers may need a reminder to fit hearing protection when the noise levels are high. The problem is more complex when a number of machines run intermittently, with the possibility of all running at the same time and creating increased noise levels. With one machine running you may still be below the action level, but at what point do you fit hearing protection. The SoundEar II Industrial should be able to guide workers to protect their hearing.

Dusty Environments

The SoundEar II is IP42 rated for use in dusty and damp environments, and so should be fine for use in most factory environments.


The SoundEar II Industrial Noise Sign is very easy to install on the wall of a factory or other industrial site:

  • Mount on the wall on a single screw
  • Plug in using supplied adapter
  • Set the level at which to light up (see notes below)

The mounting point can be seen on the rear of the noise sign. A single screw in the wall is adequate to hold the light-weight sign.

installing the soundear noise sign

Location and Sound Level

The SoundEar II Industrial should be mounted in a position where it can be easily seen by people working in the area, at eye level if possible and close to a power outlet.

It is important that the Noise Sign is set up to light up when the sound level where people are working reaches a high level. You are not really interested in the sound level at the wall, especially if the machinery and workers are 10ft away. For example, if the sound level close to the machinery reaches 85 dB(A), the sound level at the wall may be only 80 dB(A), so you would set the SoundEar dial to 80 dB(A).

The best way to select the trigger level is to measure the noise levels at the positions that people work using a sound level meter and adjust the sign to light up accordingly.

power adapter


The SoundEar II comes complete with a power adapter. This provides the safe low voltage that the noise sign requires.

vesa wall mount

VESA Mounting

The SoundEar II also has standard 75mm x 75mm VESA mounts - this is the standard for mounting televisions and monitors, so many types of mount are available.

A VESA mount is not included with the SoundEar II. The order code is SE2VESA.

Options and Ordering Information

The standard noise activated warning sign, order code SE2IND, comes with everything you need to get started:

  • SoundEar II Industrial Noise Activated Warning Sign
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual

Options include a VESA wall mount, for mounting the sign at an angle or in a corner, and an external microphone on an extension able that plugs in to the bottom of the SoundEar II Industrial sign.

Industrial Noise Sign Ordering

Order Code
SE2INDSoundEar II Industrial Noise Sign
Wall mounted noise activated warning sign Inc. power adapter and user manual Dimensions: 265 x 205 x 46 mm

Options and Accessories

For angled or corner mounting
SEEXTExternal Microphone
With 6.5 ft (2m) extension cable
SEEXTCAB516 ft (5m) Mic Extension Cable
Requires SEEXT option, mic not included
POWEX10Power extension cable 32ft (10m)
Working a distance from power outlet


SE2IND5Five Noise Warning Signs with a Noise Meter
Package includes five SoundEar Industrial Noise Warning Signs along with a hand-held Noise Meter. The overall price is less than buying five individual noise warning signs.
SE2IND10Ten SoundEar Noise Warning Signs with a Noise Meter
Package includes ten SoundEar Industrial Noise Warning Signs along with a hand-held Noise Meter. The overall price is less than buying ten individual noise warning signs.
Dimensions:265 x 205 x 46 mm
MechanicalCabinet: Shockproof acrylic
TemperatureOperation: 0 to 50°C
Storage: -20 to 60°C
Damp & DustIP42
AcousticFrequency: 20Hz to 16kHz
Trigger Range40 to 115 dB in 5dB steps
Freq. WeightingA
Time WeightingSlow