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SoundAlert - High Noise Level Warning

Sound Alert
Sound Alert
Sound Alert With Optional Warning Sign
Sound Level Alert and Noise Level Monitor
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Add-on for SoundAlert - Bright LED Sign - Warning Hearing Protection Required
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Add-on for SoundAlert - Bright LED Sign - Excessive Sound Level
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  • Displays Sound Level in dB
  • Clearly indicates high noise levels
  • Wall, desk or tripod mount
  • Trigger level from 30 to 130 dB
  • Mains or battery power (mains power included)


  • Industrial Noise
  • Office Noise
  • Open Plan Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels, Pubs and Clubs

SoundAlert Overview

The SoundAlert is a wall, desk or tripod mounted sound level meter that gives a very clear indication when the noise levels are too high. It gives a clear warning of high noise levels in factories and is ideal for noise control in offices, call centres, hospitals, pubs and clubs.

As the meter is either mains or battery powered, it can even be used hand-held.


As the SoundAlert can be mounted on a desk, wall or tripod, it is suitable for many noise measurement applications. From factory noise to quiet places such as offices and hospitals, if you need a digital display of sound level and the option of a clear, bright warning, the SoundAlert should do the job.

Please see the Applications tab for more information.

Using the SoundAlert

Some notes on setting up the SoundAlert, showing most settings and an overview of how to use it.

1) Choose your mounting method

mounting the sound alert

2) Switch on

Switch the unit on

ONThe unit stays on permanently
AUTOThe unit can be programmed to switch on and off again at set times of the day. For example, it can be set to come on at 09:00 and go off at 17:00. For units running on battery this extends the battery life to around 30 days.

3) Choose Settings

noise threshold settings
Settings on the back panel of the SoundAlert
  • 60-110 range will be suitable for most industrial applications
  • 30-80 range should be ideal for office and similar noise levels
  • LIMIT keys select the alarm limit between 30 and 130 dB
  • The default setting of "A" weighting and "Slow" is usually the best

4) Select Display Settings and Apply Power

outputs and power

The Display Settings and Power panel are found on the side of the unit.

The red/green switch selects the operation of the bright LEDs:

  • Red flashing when the level is high.
  • Red flashing on high, green lit for 40s after level goes low.
  • Green lit for 40s after level goes low.

The rest of the controls:

  • Show alarm when level is above or below the threshold.
  • Alarm Output connects to the remote Warning Sign.
  • DC 9V connects to the power supply that is included.

Noise at Work

For areas that are not always above the 80 or 85 dB action level. The SoundAlert devices clearly shows employees when it is time to wear hearing protection. The use of the optional Warning Sign helps to attract attention.

The SoundAlert continuously shows the current sound level and the maximum level that has been reached. When the noise level exceeds the trigger level (often set to the first action level of 85 dB), the bright LEDs start to flash.

Employees who are unsure of the current noise level can simply glance at the Sound Alert to find out.

If something more obvious is needed then the optional Warning Sign can be used, as shown on the right.

Hospitals, Offices, Call Centres

To give staff an unbiased view of the noise levels they are creating, strategically placed SoundAlert devices and Warning Signs gives an unavoidable message - reduce your noise.

optional remote noise display
Optional Light-Up Display

The SoundAlert can be used alone to give a clear message to staff and visitors. The noise level is shown at all times and the bright LEDS show when the level is too high.

For hospitals and neonatal units, strategically mounted Sound Alerts and Noise Signs reminds both staff and visitors to keep the noise levels down. Sound Alert devices and Noise Signs are usually mounted in the corridors as well as within the unit.

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign is also very popular in hospitals and on neonatal units.

Hotels, Pubs and Clubs

entertainment noise in pubs and clubs

One person's perception of noise is different to another's, and even varies through the day. The SoundAlert with remote Warning Signs lets you (and whoever is controlling the music) know as soon as the noise levels are too high.

Although we have products that can cut the power to the amplifier when the levels are high (see Sentry Music Monitor), it is sometimes better to show a clear warning so that action can be taken by staff. The use of the main display along with a remote gives the ability to warn the DJ (or live band) and the management at the same time.

SoundAlert Standard Package

Order code SoundAlert includes the following items:

  • SoundAlert unit
  • Wind shield / mic. protector
  • AC power adapter
  • User manual

Noise Warning Sign (optional)

The optional Warning Signs connect to the SoundAlert using the cable supplied. The Warning Sign also plugs into the AC power using the adapter that is provided along with a long power extension lead (low voltage). The time that the noise sign lights up can be set to between 5 seconds and 10 minutes after the noise levels fall again.

Note: These warning signs cannot be used alone, they must be connected to a SoundAlert unit.

All signs can be set to give either a constant light or can flash to attract attention when the measured sound levels are high.

SoundAlert Specifications

StandardsIEC 60651-1979 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2
Display11.6 x 7.9 cm custom LCD
Bandwidth31.5 Hz to 8 kHz
Microphone1/2" Electret Microphone
Acoustic Function
Ranges30 - 80 dB, 60 - 110 dB, 80 - 130 dB
Freq. Weighting"A" and "C" selectable
Time ResponseFast (125ms) or Slow (1s) selectable
Resolution0.1 dB
Max HoldMaximum Sound Level with Time Stamp
Alarm Output3.5 mm Phono Plug, 3.4 mA @ 5VDC typical
Limit Range30 to 130 dB

Display Indicators
Under-range"---" indicates under-range
Overload"OL" indicates overload
Power SupplyAC adapter (9V @ 500mA) or 8 x AA Cells
Battery Life240 hours continuous, or 30 days at 8 hours / day
Operating Temp.0°C to 50°C
Operating Hum.Less than 80% RH
Dimensions220 x 180 x 32 mm, 285 g