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LiveNoise LNT-SE Noise Monitor with Ethernet & WiFi

Networked Noise Monitoring
Networked Noise Monitoring
Networked Noise Monitoring Typical Installation

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LiveNoise Noise Monitor
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LiveNoise Noise Monitor
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LiveNoise Noise Monitor Pack of 3
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  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Wall Mounted
  • Monitors, Analyses and Records Sound Levels
  • Just Needs Power and Ethernet or WiFi Network
  • Periodic measurement of LAeq, LAFmax and Ln (L10, L90, etc)
  • Noise profile with 1 second resolution - LAeq,1s


  • Industrial and Factory Noise (inside or outside)
  • Boundary Noise
  • Construction Noise
  • Entertainment Venues


The LiveNoise LNT-SE noise monitor mounts on a wall and just needs power (adapter included) and access to a WiFi or Ethernet wired network. It communicates to our cloud server or to the LiveNoise Supervisor software to provide a real-time display of noise levels and long term noise reports.

livenoise network
Internal Network and/or Cloud Based

LiveNoise System - "Internal"

On a purely "internal" system, the noise monitor communicates continuously with the LiveNoise Supervisor software running on a computer on your network to provide real-time noise levels, long-term stored noise measurements and high-noise alarms. Using this setup there is no need for the monitors or software to communicate with the outside world.

The LiveNoise Reporter software can generate reports of the noise and alarms over daily, weekly, monthly or other custom periods.

LiveNoise System - "Cloud"

With the cloud based reporting system the noise monitor uploads its measurements to our LiveNoise Server for you to view using the Web Reporter. You access this through a web browser.

With this setup there is no software to run locally and you can view the results from anywhere with Internet access.

Best of Both Worlds

The standard LiveNoise System includes both methods. You can use the Supervisor software on your local network, you can use the cloud based reporting, or you can use both at the same time.


The LNT-SE noise monitor mounts with four screws that are accessible from the front of the case with the font panel removed.

wall mounting the noise monitor

The type of fixing to use depends on what the monitor is being mounted to - screws for wood, plugs and screws for brick.

The noise monitor is lightweight and so does not need a strong structural mount.


The noise monitor comes with a 10 m (32 ft) power cable fitted through a weatherproof gland. This cable can be removed and shortened if necessary. A 24VDC power adapter is included with each noise monitor. The extension cable connects to the power adapter, which must be mounted indoors or in its own weatherproof enclosure.

Typical Installation

typical installation
Typical Installation - Noise Monitor Mounted to an Outside Wall


The LNT-SE noise monitor needs to communicate with the LiveNoise Supervisor software to provide a real-time display of sound levels and for long-term noise measurement storage. With the Supervisor software running on a computer on your network, the LNT-SE noise monitor just needs WiFi access or a wired Ethernet connection to the same network.


If you have a WiFi network then all you need to do is provide the noise monitor with the router name and password. This configuration is carried out using the supplied software.

Wired Ethernet

The noise monitor has an Ethernet port (RJ45) for connection to your wired network. This is a weatherproof socket and for outdoor use you will need a suitable weatherproof cable or weatherproof RJ45 cable housing. For indoor use a standard RJ45 network cable can be used.

LiveNoise Network

The LNT-SE will need to be connected to your network in order to send the noise measurements to the Supervisor software or to the cloud server, depending on your configuration.

Local Network

A computer on the network runs the LiveNoise Supervisor software, which shows the real-time noise levels and downloads all the measurements for long term storage and reporting.

Other computers on the network can access the noise measurements using the LiveNoise Reporter software.

Cloud Reporting

The monitors send the noise measurements to our server and you view them using Web Reporter.


The LiveNoise Supervisor, Reporter and the online Web Reporter are included when you buy one or more LiveNoise Noise Monitors.

With the noise monitors connected to your network, you can choose how you want to deal with a live display and with long term reporting.

Local Network

Operating on your own WiFi/Ethernet network, with live sound levels sent to a Windows computer, you will use the following software:

Supervisor - Connects to all your noise monitors, showing the live sound levels, indicating any high noise level alarms and storing long term measurements.

Reporter - Using the measurements stored by Supervisor, this software generates long term noise reports: daily, weekly, monthly or custom periods.

Online Reporting

The noise monitors send all the noise measurements to our cloud server, from where the Web Reporter provides you with noise reports.

Supervisor Software

  • Connects to Noise Monitors
  • Real-Time Sound Levels
  • High Noise Level Alarms
  • Configure Remote Monitors
  • Downloads Measurements

Reporter Software

  • View Noise Measurements
  • Noise and Alarm Reports
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • 1s Leq Noise Profile
  • Create Reports for Sharing

Web Reporter

  • No Software to Install
  • Access Using Your Browser
  • Periodic Noise Reports
  • High Noise Alarm Reports
  • 1s Leq Noise Profile

Technical Specifications

Acoustic StandardsIEC 61672-2:2002 Class 2
ANSI S1.4 Type 2
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Measuring Range30 to 120 dB
Deviation± 0.5 dB
Frequency Weighting"A"
Time WeightingFast
MeasurementsLAeq, LAFmin, LAFmax, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, L99
over periods 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes
Time history noise profile: LAeq every second
Outputs0-10 V (factory option)
4-20 mA (factory option)
USB PortFor USB memory stick
Ethernet PortWeatherproof RJ45 socket
Internal Memory16 GB for up to 5 years storage
Weather ProtectionIP65
Dimensions150 x 260 x 75 mm
5.9" x 10.2" x 2.95"
Weight1.1 kg
2lb 7oz
Power24VDC, max 12W (power adapter included)


noise monitor dimensions

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Verified NoiseMeters customer, Mon Dec 20 2021

We purchased this product for remote external 24hr sound monitoring of a site. Product connected easily to wifi and continual cloud uploads of data can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser. Records second by second data. Would definitely recommend.

Vertex Investments

Reply Mon Dec 20 2021
Thank you for the positive feedback.


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