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NoiseSensor LITE with 4-20mA Current Loop Output

MK440 NoiseSensor LITE
MK440 NoiseSensor LITE

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NoiseSensor LITE Noise Monitor
Lead time 2 weeks

Wall mounting kit and backplate for MK440
Lead time 2 weeks
Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator
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Replacement Windshield for MK440

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NoiseSensor LITE Noise Monitor
2 weeks

Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator
In stock


  • Class 2 Noise Measurement
  • 4-20mA Current Loop Output
  • Hazardous environments
  • Easy installation (no controls or settings)
  • Measures 'A' weighted sound level - dB(A)
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Integrate with control system (e.g. SCADA, DCS)
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Boundary, construction or industrial noise


The MK440 NoiseSensorLITE is a trimmed down version of the MK427 NoiseSensor noise monitor. Meeting the sound level meter standards to Class 2, it is intended for monitoring around industrial and construction sites, although there are many other noise monitoring applications for which it fits the bill.

The NoiseSensorLITE converts the 'A' weighted sound level into a 4-20mA current loop output, which is ideal for linking to existing process control and monitoring systems, such as SCADA or DCS.

As the microphone and noise processing technology is all contained within the MK440 the installation process is simple. There is no configuration needed, just electrical connections for power and for the current loop output.

fence mounted noise sensor
Boundary Noise Monitoring

Installing the NoiseSensor LITE

The noise sensor would usually be installed at a location close to where the environmental noise is most likely to have an impact. Try to mount away from obstacles and walls that may reflect the noise, and away from any other noise source. The microphone should be at least 1.2m above ground level.

The noise sensor requires between 12VDC and 24VDC power and connection for the 4-20mA output.


An optional wall mounting kit, order code BP440, is available. See More Options in the pricing section above.

Full installation instructions are available in the Installation and User Guide on our Technical Support site.

Current Loop Output - 40-20mA

The output from the NoiseSensorLITE is 4-20mA current loop as used by many process control and monitoring systems. The sound level in dB(A) is mapped to the 4-20mA range.

The standard MK440 has a measurement range of 34 to 104 dB(A), but other ranges are available on request. With all ranges the current is proportional to the output:

Iout ∝ 0.1 mA/dB

The wiring details for current loop and power are covered in the Installation and User Manual.

DC Voltage Output

The 4-20mA current loop output is generally preferred for control and monitoring systems as the level and accuracy is not degraded by the length of cable (up to a limit). However, if your system needs a DC level then the current can be easily converted.

To convert the 4-20mA output current to a DC voltage output, connect LOOPOUT to the Loop Power Input Ground via a 100Ω resistor for a voltage across the resistor of 10mV/dB.

Hazardous Environments

If you need a noise monitor for installation in a hazardous or potentially explosive atmosphere then the MK440 has FM approval as a non-incendive device.

  • Mines
  • Gas pumps and stations
  • Processing plant
  • Food and drink manufacture

FM Approval

The MK440 NoiseSensor LITE has the following approvals and FM certification:

  • Class 1 Division 2 Groups C, D T4
  • Class 1 Zone 2 AEx/Ex ec llB T4
  • (-30°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C)

Technical specifications for the MK440 NoiseSensorLITE noise monitor with 4-20mA current loop output.

Output TypeSound level in 4-20mA loop
Frequency Weighting'A' (factory option for 'C' or 'Z' weighting)
Time WeightingFast (factory option for Slow response)
Measurement Range34 to 104 dB
(factory options: 24-94 dB, 44-114 dB, 54-124 dB, 64-134 dB)
Current Loop OutIout = 0.1 mA/dB
Weight1.8 kg
Power Supply12 to 24 VDC
Current70 mA
Cable Entry1/2" NPT or M20 Gland
Operating Temp.-10°C to +50°C
ProtectionEnclosure: IP65, Microphone: IP54
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